Kandria enters beta - September Kandria Update

2022.09.07 16:46:00

Beta Release - September Kandria Update


Kandria has finally entered beta, and the keys have been rolled out to all the Kickstarter backers of the Hunter tier and above. We've already got some good feedback in from that, and are continuing to polish the remaining areas.

If you're a beta backer and haven't gotten your key, please check your emails and your Backerkit account here: https://kandria.backerkit.com/

In case you missed the Kickstarter but would still like to support us, you can also do so by preordering Kandria or its soundtrack through Backerkit. Unlike Kickstarter, this also accepts PayPal, if you don't have access to a credit card.

Gamescom & Devcom

We were part of the Swiss Games delegation to Gamescom this year, and had a stand at their incredible booth:


A bunch of people stopped by to talk to us about the game and try it out for themselves, which is always fun to observe.


On Thursday we were even allowed to use the booth's big LED wall for a small event, where participants could race for the lowest time in one of our side quests!