GDC, fighting, and more - August Kandria Update

2021.08.01 09:48:57

A big ole update for Kandria this month!


One of the main events this month was GDC. This was my first time attending, and I'm really glad that I was offered the chance to with the great support by Pro Helvetia and SwissNex. Thank you very much again for all of your support this year!

The highlight of the event for me were the daily video networking sessions, where you were led onto a virtual floor with a bunch of tables. Each table could seat up to six people and you'd chat over audio and video. It was really cool to hang out and chat with fellow attendees about... well, pretty much whatever!

What wasn't so cool about those sessions, was that they only lasted for an hour, at the end of which you were unceremoniously booted out, without even the ability to see who you were at the table with, nor the accompanying text chat. I do not understand at all why that platform was not just up throughout the entirety of the conference. It's not like there were ever that many people there to begin with, I never saw the total number rise above 120.

With regards to the booth that we had at the Swiss country pavilion, that unfortunately turned out to be almost pointless. Everyone I talked to at the virtual meet wasn't even aware that booths existed at all, let alone the ones in the country pavilions. Being buried under ten links almost guaranteed that we wouldn't be found except by the most vigilant. It isn't surprising then that we didn't get any contact requests through the booth's message box.

I'm really confused as to why they had practically zero visibility for the showfloors and booths. It seems to me that those are a rather large part of a usual conference, so advertising them so poorly is strange. I can't even imagine what SwissNex had to pay to get our booths set up, and I feel sorry for what they got for that.

I hope that next year the presentation is going to be better, as for the amount of money involved in the tickets and everything, I have to say I'm quite disappointed with the GDC organisers. We'll see how Gamescom goes next month, I suppose.

Combat developments

This month was meant to be devoted to combat revisions. I did get a number of those done, so movement is now a lot more satisfying and you can actually juggle enemies in the air: