Setting Up Camp - February Kandria Update

2021.02.08 15:27:46

I hope you've all started well into the new year! We're well into production now, with the vertical slice slowly taking shape. Much of the work in January has been on concept and background work, which is now done, so we are moving forward on the implementation of the new features, assets, and writing. This entry will have a lot of pictures and videos to gander at, so be warned!

The vertical slice will include three areas – the central camp, or hub location, the first underground area, and the desert ruins. We're now mostly done implementing the central camp. Doing so was a lot of work, since it requires a lot of unique assets. It still requires a good amount of polish before it can be called well done, but for the vertical slice I think we're good at the point we are now.

camp-1 camp-3

The camp is where all the main cast are (Fi, Jack, Catherine, and Alex), and where you'll return to after most missions. As such, it's important that it looks nice, since this is where you'll spend a lot of your time. It also has to look believable and reasonable for the cast to try and live here, so we spent a good amount of time thinking about what buildings there would be, what purpose they should fulfil, and so forth.

We also spent a good deal of time figuring out the visual look. Since Kandria is set quite far into the future, with that future also having undergone a calamity, the buildings both have to look suitably modern for a future society to have built, but at the same time ruined and destroyed, to fit the calamity event.

camp-2 camp-4

I also finished the character redesign for Fi. Her previous design no longer really fit with her current character, so I really wanted to get that done.

fi-draft fi

On the gameplay side the movement AI has been revised to be able to deal with far more complicated scenarios. Characters can now follow you along, move to various points on the map independently, or lead the player to a destination.