Closing in on Production - November Kandria Update

2020.11.07 14:01:07

October somehow flew by really quickly for me. It's already November, and we're nearing the end of the year, too. Just thinking about that is making me reminiscent, but I'll have to hold off on doing my yearly wrap-up for another two months! Who knows, a lot more can still happen in that time. Last month marked another release for Kandria, and this month marked the start of Kandria being an actual team effort!

I'm really glad that it's no longer just me working on things. Fred already introduced himself in the last monthly, and by now he has already started work and delivered some really great stuff:

new light attack player idle

As a result, the game already feels a lot more fun to play. The step up from the combat animations I had made early in the year is huge!