Coming Alive - September Kandria Update

2020.09.05 19:01:19

Another month already. Fortunately there's a lot of stuff to talk about for Kandria this time around, so I hope you're ready for a beefy summary!

This month was originally intended to be focused on marketing and recruitment, but for more reasons than one that's not entirely how it went down after all. The biggest reason among the bunch being that it has proven really hard for me to concentrate on that – they're topics I have no experience with, so I don't feel very comfortable dealing with them at all. Regardless, there's been a few things I've done to help in that regard:

There is now a lengthy game design document that should hopefully give a good idea of what the game should be and should be about. It's mostly meant as a communication tool for future team members, to help them get up to speed on the project, and for potential team members to evaluate whether this project is something for them. If you have a read through it, I would appreciate your thoughts on it a lot! Being in an opinion vacuum doesn't help with creativity.

Next I started working on an official job listing. It's not quite done yet and I want to run it by a few people before I get it out there, but if you are or know pixel artists or writers, I'd appreciate it tremendously if you could keep an eye open for the listing. I'll make another announcement about it on all the channels once it's out. Edit: the job listing is now out: https://kandria.com/team-search.html?a

I've also started a thread on some forums to try and spread awareness of the game, but I'm worrying that I'm spreading myself too thin and can't tend to all of the outlets as much as I'd like. There's already email, Twitter, and Discord to take care of besides that. With Kandria not being a full-time job yet, I'm not sure how much time I should be spending on the social media channels, rather than spending it on development. Maybe I should reserve a day for it every week? Either way, top priority for the coming few weeks will be finding new team members, and I'll definitely have to invest some more energy to get that going.

I've also made some good progress on the code and art side: first I've implemented some more dynamic interactions to make the environment feel more alive: