2020 Calendar - Confession 89

2019.10.28 13:50:47

Last year I, mostly on a whim, decided to make a small physical desktop calendar. Much to my surprise quite a few people were interested in it, even some from Japan, China, the US, and various countries in Europe. However, last year was pretty stressful, as I came up with the idea for the calendar a bit too late, and had to really hurry to get it all together in time for the new year. This year I decided to try again, and fix the mistakes I made last year.

So yes, I made another calendar! It's still the same format as last year: 13 spiral-bound A6 pages on 300g paper.


Unlike last year, though, I've made a bunch of improvements that I'm quite happy with. First, I decided very early in the year to start working on it, and thought of a theme to go with: the deep sea. I then gathered a tonne of references and organised them to form a little story throughout the 13 pages of the calendar. The result is a small journey from the shore down to the deepest depths of the ocean. Along the way I again incorporated a bunch of curious sights, to keep the same theme. I think it worked out pretty well overall, and the deep sea theme lent for some striking scenes.

I also created a new layout for the calendar, to suit the theme a bit better. And finally, I changed from the ad-hoc PayPal payment button to a much more convenient and reputable store on Gumroad. Gumroad has been very convenient to use, both from the seller and buyer side, so I hope that improves the checkout experience a bit!

I really hope that people are still interested in my calendar this year so that I can make another one next year. I even have a theme for that in mind already!


I ordered the first batch of calendars today, and should be able to start shipping them out within the week. I'll keep the store open until the end of the year, so there should be plenty of time to get one still. If you want to get it in time for the new year though, I recommend at least ordering before December. The post around that time tends to get crazy, so I can't really guarantee how long it would take to arrive.

I wanted to close by saying that, even if you don't buy anything, that's completely fine! I'm very happy if people appreciate my drawings at all, and I'm still bewildered that anyone would even spend their money on it. Thank you very much, for your continued readership and, uh, looking-at-art-ship? Really, thank you.


Written by shinmera