Daily Game Development Streams - Confession 85

2019.06.17 21:23:06

Starting tomorrow I will be doing daily live game development streams for my current game project, Leaf. The streams will happen from 20:00 to 22:00 CEST, at https://stream.shinmera.com. There's also a short summary and countdown page here.

The streams will first primarily focus on rewriting some of the internals of the game and discussing viable designs for the level and tilemap representation. After that it'll probably fan out into some art design and rendering techniques. The streams won't be contiguous, so I'll be working on things off-stream as well, but I'll try to work in brief recaps at the beginning to ensure everyone is up to speed on the current progress.

If you would like to study the source code yourself, the two primary projects are Leaf itself, and the game engine Trial. Both are open source, and I push changes regularly. Feedback or discussion on the code and design is of course very much welcome.

I'm doing this regular stream mostly to force myself out of a terrible depressive episode I've been having, and this should provide enough external pressure to get me out of it and back into my regular, productive schedule. Of course, the more people are interested in this, the greater the pressure, so I hope I'll see at least some people in chat during the streams. I would really appreciate it tremendously, even if you don't have much gamedev or technical expertise, or are just there to shitpost. Really, I genuinely mean it!

That said, I hope to see you there!

Written by shinmera