Onesies in Repose - Confession 67

2016.08.16 08:58:40

My first onesie was published on 2013.03.02, and the thousandth was yesterday on 2016.08.15. This means that 3 years, 5 months, and 14 days, or 1263 days in total have passed, and I've drawn ~0.8 drawings every day of those. Not quite the quota I had intended originally, but not all too shabby either, I suppose.

In the post I've included a few pieces, starting from very old going to more recent, just to give you a bit of an idea of the progression. As mentioned on previous posts, if you want to have a more convenient look through everything than Tumblr gives you, check out the archive repository. The drawings I've included are:

#1 - Initially I had intended this series to be “just shit something out” but naturally that quickly detoriated into “make the best thing you can every day”.

#11 - This is my very first Touhou drawing! It was done on 2013.03.09, so I've been drawing diaperheads for a very long time now.

#72 - Things looked pretty different way back then. My influences and directions have changed pretty drastically.

#89 - But some things never change. Garden gnomes are still my jam.

#154 - Some things really never change.

#231 - I think this is around the time when I finally picked up Figure Drawing - Design and Composition and started on another anatomy practising spree. Really good book, well recommended by the way.

#244 - And I think here is the first attempt at deviating from my current style. I was inspired by Fuukadia's Shitenno! comic series. I also discovered Garnet around this time, but I had no damn idea how to draw sceneries, so all of my attempts at imitation ended in miserable failure.

#305 - This is when I discovered the usefulness of fixed-width brushes. At the time it was very relieving since I could just focus on the shapes, rather than having to stress out over the actual stroke thickness as well.

#444 - Things just developed gradually for a while. There weren't any big shifts for a long time and it just started converging towards a more simple, straight-ahead style as that seemed to give me the least trouble and also looked pleasingly different.

#448 - And then I decided “hey, I like John Allison's Bad Machinery so much, why don't I try to imitate that?” And things just went down into the never-ending hell of style discovery from there.

#515 - But it wasn't until this piece that I really thought I had discovered something good, something that appealed to me a lot. I believe it was also around this time, or a bit after, that I came across Asahi who then shaped my direction very strongly for a long time.

#607 - For a very long time I was just trying to figure things out and I was having deep trouble doing so. This one was another “milestone” so to speak, where I thought I had finally come across something better. Unfortunately it didn't really stick as I had no idea what was really good about it.

#700 - I was still figuring things out, but you can see a very strong resemblance between then and now. Things have not changed much at all over the last 300, I have to say. I'm not sure if that's good or bad, but I can't help but feel uncomfortable with the thought of not having progressed for a whole 300 pieces.

#738 - And this marks the beginning of the 紫の世界 series. I never really felt capable of drawing sceneries before that, mostly due to my misadventures trying to imitate Garnet all that time ago. Seeing Coo's works really pushed me to try again. I'm glad I did. Since then Coo appears to have deleted his twitter, which makes me tremendously sad.

#884 - I suppose I can count Dowman Sayman among my influences as well, though I don't think it shows as strongly as some of the other ones did back when I first discovered them. It definitely increased my confidence to go with what I was already trying to do though.

#971 - And so here we are. I'm still not sure where I'm supposed to go next with my style and as you can clearly see, things have only changed in very minor ways since #700. It'd be kinda cool if I could finally settle on a style and simply feel comfortable with it, but I have no idea when –if ever– that will come to pass.

Given my awful track record with depression and self-deprecation I don't know if there will ever be a 2'000th drawing, let alone a 10'000th one. Either way, it doesn't really matter since I'm just yet another insignificant, terrible artist among many.

Written by shinmera