Memoirs of a Lost Girl - Entry No. 16

2016.04.30 17:55:38

It is the middle of the night and I am writing this by candle-light. I'm still very much shaken by shock, but it is imperative that I write this down. It might very well be the last entry I ever get to write– the last trace that is left of me. I am afraid for my life. I don't know who or what is after me, but I have reason to believe that there was an attempt to abduct me. If you are reading this, and I have not finished this entry, please come look for me! With any luck, I might still be alive somewhere!

Hopefully I still have enough time left to finish this explanation before my attacker returns. About half an hour ago I was suddenly awoken by a rock hitting against my head. I found myself laying in some bushes between trees, and heard something rushing through the leaves not far from me. My head was bleeding a bit, but I was not injured otherwise. Thankfully the moonlight gave me enough to find my way through the woods and I managed to find a path not soon after. It turned out that I had been taken to one of the forests surrounding the house where I live.

I have no idea how I could have gotten there, Ionas and Mia don't seem to have heard any commotion, and the window had been closed all night. The doors don't have any locks, but it is virtually impossible to open them without making some noise. I really don't know how anyone or anything could have gotten in, let alone abducted me without my or anyone else noticing.

Given the circumstances, I don't know if I'll be able to go to sleep again for the next few days– what would have happened to me if I hadn't awoken? Dear lord, I could have been dead by now! But– I mustn't indulge in such fantasies. I have to keep my head straight and think logically about this. Giving in to hysteria would not help anything.

So– let's analyse what I know. There are a couple of things about this entire scenario that seem peculiar. The aforementioned trace-less escape for one thing, but it also seems strange that aside from a slight head wound I was not at all hurt or incapacitated. If I were to abduct someone, I would make sure to render them helpless as soon as I was sure that I had escaped immediate detection. Being brought as far away as I had been, I cannot imagine there not having been an opportunity for this. Perhaps they lacked tools?

I can pretty definitely rule out an animal being the cause for this, unless a species with strong arms and hands that could carry me without inflicting any damage exists that I have not heard of. No, it must have been a human, if anything…

Anything? A thing?.. but of course! How could I have failed to realise it? This must have been the same apparition that brought me here in the first place! The same strange fissure that whisked me away from my former life, probably leaving absolutely no trace behind, just like here. It all fits, no noise, no carrier, the head wound from a slight fall. But why? Why did the fissure reappear now, let alone while I was asleep? And why did it not carry me any further, like it did the first time around?

Still, this might prove even more dangerous than a mere bandit. I have no way to predict where the fissure might appear, when it might appear, nor where it might take me. I probably got off lucky these times. After all, what if I got transported over a large cliff, or to the bottom of the sea? The injuries I've suffered so far are comparatively minimal. Even worse, what if it hurt Ionas or Mia? I couldn't bear the thought of them coming to any harm because of me. Even though I have no control over the fissure, I am certain there must be a connection to me somehow. If only I knew more about it or had some way –some safe way– to study it.

I will have to try to be very attentive the next few days. Maybe I'll get lucky and manage to see it without it causing any harm. I'm just not sure how I can get by without sleep, I can hardly get through any day without at least 9 hours of it. I will have to see.

If this was my last entry, then the best assumption is that I was whisked away far enough not to be able to return. I don't think it would be wise to look for me in that case. Farewell.

Written by shinmera