A Peculiar Day Pt. 7 - Confession 12

2014.07.18 11:15:57

Quiet dinners like these were not an odd occurrence for Monika at all. In fact, both of her parents were rather quiet types, which was carried over to their children as well. Out of all four of them, Florian was probably the most talkative; eventually trying to liven things up a little by initiating a conversation, but it usually never went all too far. While to outsiders this lack of communication might seem strange, Monika hardly ever lost any thoughts on the matter as it seemed perfectly natural to her. After all, there usually wasn't anything exciting to talk about anyway, so why bother.

As was usual during weekdays, Monika's job after dinner consisted of clearing off the table and cleaning the kitchen while Florian took on washing the dishes. All the while she was occupied with figuring out what she should do with the rest of her day. She had finished ‘The Judge and His Hangman’ earlier and now there weren't any books left to read in the house that interested her. She knew that Dürrenmatt had written a couple more books that she hadn't read yet, but she would have had to head to the library to get them. Monika took a look outside the kitchen window. Winter's cold, black jacket covered the sky. Despite the streetlights it was hard to see very far. Monika briefly wondered if there was some kind of gas or material that could drain the light without being noticed. Her imagination then went on to a wild tale of a vigilante who used this cloak of darkness to bring justice to the world. It was a very silly and convoluted story that unfolded in her head, but it did a good job at distracting from the boring task of cleaning up.

Julien had fallen asleep on the couch with his pipe still smoking. Anja was sitting in a chair opposite to him, calmly reading a book and sipping some tea. Monika roamed around the room for a while, trying to think of what to do. She suddenly remembered how strangely unclean the bathroom had been in the morning, which led her to believe that Florian might have been up to something else than what he had told at dinner. After all, if he was too excited to clean up after himself it probably meant that he was distracted with something else that was about to happen. Combining this with his highly unusual late-coming seemed a bit too fishy to Monika. She decided to head upstairs and ask him about it.

Written by shinmera