A Peculiar Day Pt. 6 - Confession 9

2014.07.10 18:59:08

Lost in the world of words, time passed quickly. Before Monika could notice, dinner was served and the darkness had reclaimed the streets outside. Both of her parents were already seated as Monika hurried into the living room to eat. She hastily threw a greeting towards her father who grunted in response and just as she was about to sit down the front door crashed open and Florian rushed in. Anja immediately shouted “clean yourself off or you'll have to do the dishes today!” The door closed and after a while Florian came in again, this time without taking a ton of snow with him.

Florian seated himself quickly and quietly. After pouring some soup into his bowl he started to explain where he'd been all day. Apparently after his classes a colleague of his wanted him to help with a report, but they had forgotten about the time and once they were done it had already turned dark outside. His father roughly patted him on the back and said “Don't worry about it.” Monika quickly shot a glance at Anja, who seemed to be studying the wall clock a bit too intensely. Monika resented how her mother always seemed to be much harder on Florian than anyone else, but she refrained from saying anything.

Dinner passed in silence.

Written by shinmera