A Peculiar Day Pt. 3 - Confession 4

2014.06.30 15:03:58

The bell finally put an end to the terror regime of the history lesson and Mr Denzler quickly hurried out without declaring the homework for next week. All the better, thought Monika and looked out of the wide classroom windows. A heavy snowstorm wailed outside, making it impossible to see anything except for a flurry of snowflakes. Mesmerised by the dance of the particles, Monika got lost in thought. Meanwhile the rest of the class was occupied with preparing for the next lesson in Biology, some of them hastily discussing the exercises they had to solve for today, others re-reading some of the chapters in the textbook.

Vrena was in a bit of a pickle. She hadn't managed to solve some of the exercises in time and her classmate Reta wasn't around to supply the solutions. She puzzled about what she could do as there certainly wasn't any time left to do the exercises herself and everyone else seemed to be occupied already. Looking around frantically she finally noticed someone who didn't seem to be busy with anything. Vrena hurried over and patted Monika on the shoulder lightly. “Uuh, Monika, would you happen to have the solutions for Exercises ten and twelve handy?” she said with the most friendly smile she could muster. Monika averted her gaze from the window and looked directly at Vrena. She blinked a couple of times, then her eyes suddenly widened and she flushed. She mumbled something incomprehensible and averted her eyes again. Vrena looked at her quizzically and decided to try again. “Uhm, the solutions?” she asked, pointing at her exercise sheet. Monika stammered “S-sure, just wait a second, but I don't think.. I mean I'm not sure that my solutions are correct, so use at your own risk.” She dug around in her backpack for a while before finding the right folder. Vrena sat down at the desk next to her and quickly began to copy the answers over. Having finished her task she got up, muttered a “thanks” and returned to her own desk. She looked at Monika and wondered why she had been that flustered.

Oddly enough Mr Joost the Biology teacher did not arrive this time. He was usually a very punctual sort and well prepared for his classes. This time however he slowly walked into the classroom five minutes too late, yawned a greeting and then spent a few minutes sorting through his papers and folders in front of the class. Monika used the opportunity to unpack her own books and papers as she had missed the bell and only now noticed that Mr Joost had arrived. With her desk finally ready, Monika directed her attention towards the blackboard. Luckily Biology wasn't as much of a bore as History was, and Mr Joost was actually able to present the topics in a digestible manner, so she had no problem paying attention and the lesson went by quickly.

The remainder of the morning would be a double lesson of Latin. Monika wasn't looking forward to this at all, Latin was one of her least favourite subjects. She just couldn't get a proper handle on the language with all its strange terms, tenses and sentence structure. The fact that she didn't like the Latin teacher Mr Zaugg much of course didn't help her motivation either. Monika spent the mid-morning break wishing for him to never show up at all and looking scornfully at the Latin textbook with its dumb mascot on the front cover. Sadly even long breaks come to an end and it wasn't before too long that the bell announced the beginning of the next lesson.

Written by shinmera