A Peculiar Day Pt. 2 - Confession 3

2014.06.27 22:35:39

Monika stomped ahead through the freezing morning cold. She progressed slowly as the snow lay thick on the streets and the cold was gnawing on her bones. Luckily the way to school wasn't all too long and the thought of napping for a bit before the first lesson motivated her to hurry ahead.

Not a single soul was to be found in her classroom as she arrived. Monika expected as much, as it was barely still about half an hour too early and with the current weather most would probably prefer to stay at home for as long as possible. She threw her backpack into the back corner of the room and slumped down onto the chair at her desk. The room was still unlit and the dim light combined with the heat rushing to Monika's face made her drowsy.

Monika awoke with a start. The classroom was now fully lit and a couple of her colleagues had arrived too. Her watch revealed that it was still about ten minutes to the beginning of the first lesson. There seemed to be awfully few students around though, usually the classroom would be filled by now. Monika counted twelve people, which meant that only half of the class was present. She briefly wondered if anything was going on that she missed, but quickly got distracted by the scribbles on her desk. Apparently someone decided to draw some horses onto the desk last week. Monika frowned as the horses looked rather unfortunate with strangely shaped heads and block-like legs. She decided to spend the remainder of the break time trying to fix the horses to her best abilities.

As soon as the bell rang, Mr Denzler rushed into the room, door slamming shut behind him. He aggressively threw his books onto the teacher's table, grabbed a piece of charcoal and immediately started writing on the blackboard without even losing a word to the class. Monika was already well accustomed to Mr Denzler's appearance, so she calmly put away her drawing pencils and unpacked her history books. Apparently today's lesson was about the French revolution, again. They had been covering this topic for at least three weeks now and Monika was quite sick of it. She sighed quietly and focused on the horses on her desk again; she hadn't been able to correct them to her liking, which upset her rather badly. To shield herself from this source of frustration, she quickly covered the drawings with one of her books and look around the classroom. There were still about five people missing and of those that were present, most didn't seem to pay attention to the mumbling Mr Denzer either. Not even the execution of Louis XVI managed to make the subject any more interesting and so time dragged on to infinity.

Written by shinmera