A Peculiar Day Pt. 1 - Confession 2

2014.06.26 22:01:50

image I don't think it's wrong to assume that everyone has experienced days that in retrospect seemed to be rather peculiar. When things don't go according to plan and slightly trail off course, a feeling of uncertainty starts to build up. What follows is going to be a recounting of one such day in Monika's life.

The morning started out like many another in the cold and snowy winter of Switzerland. Houses, streets and cars all buried under a thick cover of snow, glimmering softly in the faint moon light. The silence of the night was harshly interrupted by the shrill sound of an alarm clock. One half still trapped on the dream side, Monika reached around blindly. After flailing about for a bit she finally succeeded in shutting down the headache inducing noise-machine.

Unable to find her way back to the land of dreams she rolled around in bed a bit, shuddering slightly as she began to register her senses. It was freezing cold. Finally having gathered the mental strength, Monika forced herself upright and slowly opened her eyes. Her room was bathed in a faint blue light, just barely bright enough to see her own breath crystallise. She shuddered once more, realizing that the heating must have gone out.

Suppressing the numb feeling of her frozen feet, she jumped out of bed and got dressed. It must have been around six 'o clock as the street lights flickered to life outside and flooded her room in yellow. Now being fully awake Monika relished the thought of hiding back underneath her warm blanket. She suppressed her instincts and went on to visit the bathroom. Looking into the mirror she was greeted by a very fair-skinned, round face with a wild, blonde mane. The cheek and nose were burning red from the cold, contrasting the azure eyes. Amused by her wild bed-hair Monika made a few faces. Carrying on to wash her face she noticed that the basin was covered in beard stubble. Her brother Florian must have already gotten up and forgotten to clean up after himself. Mildly annoyed by his lack of respect she quickly washed the stubble away.

Having finished her business Monika grabbed her backpack and went downstairs to wrap herself in a thousand layers of winter clothing to shield against the cold. Dressed in a wool cap, thick scarf, boots and long, winter coat she felt sufficiently geared up to fight the cold on her way to school. Though with the door handle already in her hand she suddenly remembered that she had forgotten to take out the lunch box from the fridge. She stomped back into the kitchen, praying that her mother wouldn't catch her running around in boots inside. Having successfully retrieved the lunch box and avoided a scolding Monika finally set foot outside.

Written by shinmera