Confessions Primer

2014.06.25 21:02:10

In an effort to further my writing skills I'm going to try and force myself to write something every evening, in a similar spirit to my ongoing “onesies” drawing series. The content of these texts is most likely going to vary wildly, ranging from instructional and factual articles to completely unrelated fictional stories or ramblings, with the excuse that it's probably better to write about anything than not writing at all. Whether this excuse will properly disguise the fact that I'm rather terrible at coming up with good ideas on the spot is left up for the future to decide.

Also similar to how things roll with the onesies series is that I'm not expecting to get any feedback whatsoever, nor that anyone were to pay my whereabouts any mind in the first place. This does not change the fact that I would of course be delighted to hear that someone is willingly spending some of their preciously short life time and mental capacity on my inane and desultory projects. Just so I would too welcome suggestions and ideas for future writings if there is anything in particular that you would like to hear my thoughts on.

Having exhausted the possibility of talking about this endeavour itself with this I'm left to wonder if I can actually come up with a topic of even remote interest tomorrow. Time will tell. Regarding the length of these texts I am not quite sure if I should set myself a requirement as it might be difficult to stretch or cut the length depending on the topic. However, I will attempt to spend at least around twenty minutes typing on each piece to ensure that I don't simply slouch through it.

The reason of this undertaking is that I love typing and I consider writing an essential skill that anyone should attempt to improve. Writing has the benefit of forcing your thoughts into a certain structure and form which means it helps to process incoherent thoughts in your head into a comprehensible form. Being able to write well further has the effect of allowing one to express oneself and communicate with others in a much better way. Aside from all these practical uses that a good and often applied writing skill has, there is a certain artistic value in crafting sentences and words. Being able to not only express ideas properly, but gracefully is a prowess that I admire.

One of the topics I might cover more than once in this are stories and thoughts related to my story team project with Chris. In case you are unaware of what this entails, a brief description: This project aims to build a story about two fictional characters living in the early 1990s of our real world. The focus lies on developing realistic characters and circumstances and putting all of the effort into making things seem believable and ordinary. The original idea for this was the intriguing challenge of telling a story about the realistic life of two ordinary people living together and yet still making it interesting to the reader. While reflecting on one's own life and considering making stories about this seems to quickly lead to believing that it would be inherently boring to read, I cannot help but disagree. I believe there lies value in recounting a tale matter-of-factly and realistically despite all the uneventfulness and routine of it all. It seems perfectly plausible to me that given it's possible for the reader to connect emotionally with the characters and their environment, even the very essence of slice of life can be intriguing.

However, as both Chris and I are rather busy individuals progress on this is rather slow. We want to take our time and especially considering that we are both novices to writing and developing characters it would be a mistake to rush it. The project is split up in the way that we both each control one of the main characters and have the ability to decide on their backstories, characteristics and looks. As such the stories and thought experiments I will write about here will most likely all be about my character Monika or her family. Any part of their life that involves both characters is planned out together, so I will most likely write stories that flesh out Monika's background and childhood.

I'll close this entry off here and might cover more about the ideas and inspirations behind the StoryTime project in another entry dedicated to it. Again, I'm not sure what I will come up with for the next entry, but I am desperately hoping that it won't be boring as I would feel quite bad about wasting my time.

One last thing: The title of this series has nothing to do with the actual content of the documents within it, I merely found it to be an interesting word to use.

Written by shinmera